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Welcome to Sunrise Traffic and Driving School

Welcome to Sunrise Driving School, your trusted partner for safe and reliable driving education in the Los Angeles area. With our experienced instructor and comprehensive courses, we are committed to helping you become a confident and responsible driver. Explore our website to discover our range of courses, including beginner lessons, defensive driving, and advanced techniques. Stay updated with the latest news and important updates from our dedicated team. Join us today and embark on your journey towards becoming a skilled driver.


Joseph Khacheryan

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Joseph Khacheryan is a highly esteemed driving instructor with an impressive career spanning over 30 years in the driving education industry. His expertise encompasses both manual transmission and regular automatic driving, making him a versatile and knowledgeable professional in the field. With a passion for teaching and a commitment to road safety, Joseph has dedicated his life to empowering students with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the roads safely and efficiently. His approach to driving instruction combines patience, personalized attention, and a deep understanding of individual learner needs, ensuring that each student achieves their full potential behind the wheel. Joseph's extensive experience and dedication to excellence have made him a respected and trusted figure among his peers and students alike, setting a high standard for driving education.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Courses covering everything from the basics of driving to advanced techniques, including defensive driving, road rules, and safe driving practices.

Personalized Learning Experience

Tailoring lessons to the individual needs of each student, focusing on areas where they need the most improvement.

State-of-the-Art Vehicles

Modern, well-maintained vehicles equipped with the latest safety features, providing a comfortable and secure learning environment for students.

Road Test Preparation

Specialized training sessions designed to prepare students for their road tests, including test-taking strategies and a review of key driving skills.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

Book your Lesson Today!

Don't miss the opportunity to start your driving journey with Sunrise Traffic and Driving School today! Booking your first lesson is just a phone call away, opening the door to a comprehensive and enriching driving education curated by our esteemed instructor, Joseph. Joseph has expertly designed a variety of packages to cater to different learning needs and budgets, ensuring that each student finds the perfect fit for their driving aspirations. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to polish your driving skills, our tailored packages offer exceptional value and are designed to provide you with the confidence and competence needed to navigate the roads safely. Prices vary across our diverse range of packages, reflecting the depth and breadth of our offerings. Call us now to discuss your options and secure your spot on the road to driving success. Let today be the first step towards achieving your driving goals with the guidance and expertise of Sunrise Traffic and Driving School.

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7260 Sunset Blvd Ste 205 Los Angeles, CA 90046


(323) 851-6022

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